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Probate is the legal process involving the transfer of the legal title of property from the estate of a deceased person. Usually the person’s Will appoints an Executor to deal with their estate when the time comes. The first step that the Executor must take is to obtain details and valuations of all of the assets of the deceased person. The Executor must then file a Schedule of Assets with the Revenue Commissioners in order to extract a Grant of Probate to the deceased person’s Will. The Grant of Probate is the legal document that allows the Executor gather in all of the deceased’s assets and distribute those assets to the beneficiaries.

If the deceased person died without making a Will then it is necessary to extract a Grant of Administration to the deceased’s estate in order to make legal title to the assets prior to distributing the assets to the beneficiaries entitled to succeed. The Legal Personal Representative must obtain details of the assets and liabilities in the estate and file a Schedule of Assets with the Revenue Commssioners in order to extract a Grant of Administration. The Grant of Administration is the legal document that allows the Legal Personal representative make legal title to the deceased person’s assets. The Succession Act 1965 governs who is entitled to apply to become the Legal Personal Representative and who the persons are that are entitled to a share in the deceased’s estate where there is no Will in existence at the time of death.

At times of bereavement we appreciate that dealing with a deceased person’s affairs can be particularly difficult for you and your family. Please be assured that we will do all that we can to assist you in dealing with the various issues that arise as a result of your bereavement.

Mullaneys Solicitors will guide you through what can, at times, be a difficult and complex process after a loved one dies. We have over 65 years of experience in dealing with Probate cases and we will assist you along the entire process from the start to the end.


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