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A History of Mullaneys Solicitors LLP

Thomas Mullaney founded the firm in 1953 shortly after he qualified as a solicitor. His office was originally located in Kilgallons Photographic Studio (now The Belfry Pub) in Thomas Street. In 1963 the firm moved four doors down from there to No.6 Thomas Street Sligo. In 2015 the firm relocated to its present offices at No.1-2 Teeling Street, a building that was previously occupied by the ACC Bank, and which in the distant past was the site of the historic Jones’ Castle

In 1985 Michael Mullaney became a partner in the firm, having worked here since 1977 as an apprentice, and subsequently, as a solicitor. Michael Quigley joined us in 1986, as an assistant solicitor, and became a partner in 1988. The two Michaels continued as Partners, following the death of Thomas Mullaney in 1996. Mark Mullaney served his apprenticeship here and subsequently worked as an assistant solicitor, becoming a partner in September 2007. Shane McDermott also trained with the firm, qualified as a solicitor in 2005, and worked here as an assistant solicitor, before becoming a partner in 2016. 


Like many other firms we have been authorised by the Legal Services Regulatory Authority (LSRA) to operate as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) with effect from the 15th January 2020 (the relevant date) and we are operating as an LLP from the relevant date.

This will mean:

(a) that, from the relevant date, as set out in section 123 of the Legal Services Regulation Act 2015 (subject to the exceptions listed therein), a partner in the LLP has no personal liability for any debts, liabilities or obligations which are incurred for the purpose of carrying on the business of the LLP (whether these are liabilities of the LLP, of himself or herself, of another partner or partners in the LLP or of any employee, agent or representative of the LLP) and however such liability may arise;

(b) that (a) above relates only to the personal liability of partners and does not prevent or restrict the enforcement against the property of the LLP of any debt, liability or obligation; and

(c) that from the relevant date the Partnership Act 1890 applies to the LLP to the extent that it is not inconsistent with Chapter 3 of Part 8 of the Act.


Although the legal status of our firm has changed, this will not affect or change the way we provide our legal services for you, or the quality of that service. If you have any queries about our LLP status, please do not hesitate to contact us


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